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~~HIGH DESERT SADDLERY ~~ Custom Saddles for Model Horses
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For Sale

Completed Saddle Sets Currently For Sale

Beautiful LSQ Bosal Bridle! Four-plait braided bosal with double braided nose button. Tri-color four-plait braided mecate' and real manehair tassles on the hanger. A must for Western Pleasure classes! These bridles can also be CM ordered in your choice of colors.

Braided Bosal and Mecate' Bridle
$50.00 ppd.

The "Silver Aspen Supreme", the newest in the Western Pleasure Elite Series. Grand Champion winner at our county fair last week! Positively TOP LSQ, this NAN Caliber set is ready to win those tough western pleasure and trail classes for you.


The "Silver Aspen Supreme"


This awesome roping saddle set is Top-Notch NAN Quality and ready for those tough Performance classes! Saddle is complete with double rigging, mulehide-wrapped dally horn, and trophy stamping. Matching Steer-Jerker style breastcollar, working mechanical hackamore, and Navajo pad complete this performance-deluxe package! For sale for a limited time; get it now and whup some serious butt in the showpen!


2003 PRCA Trophy Roper
price 350.00 ppd.

This reining saddle is styled after the popular saddles in the real world with it's rounded, cut-away skirts, narrower fenders, and sloping swells. Boldly patterned with a dramatic floral design, it has been antiqued to bring out the detail and dyed a lovely mahogany.  The bosal is complimented by the incredible, handtwisted manehair mecate'. Saddle blanket included! Sure to command attention in those Performance classes! For sale for a very limited time.


The Ruby Mountain Reiner
price 300.00 ppd.

Completed sets will be offered as available. Custom Order list is now open for Fall/Winter 2004.