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~~HIGH DESERT SADDLERY ~~ Custom Saddles for Model Horses
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Our Critters

No Outfit is Complete Without a Passel of Critters!

LadyBug in the Snow

My Aussie, LadyBug

Frank in the Barn

My Son's Cat, Cactus Frank; Boss of the Barn! We lost Frankie on May 23, 2004; the victim of a hit and run.

Bub's Aussie, Skeeter

My Son's Aussie pup, Skeeter. He's all grown up, now!

Ocie "O.C." (Orange Cat)

My New Kitten, Ocie; the Terror of the House!

Ocie Explains the House Rules to Dozer

Rick's Pal; Dozer, An Aussie/Border Collie Cross. He's All Grown Up, Now!

Scooby, 2004
Scooby, A JRT/Corgi/McNabb - Cowdog-Deluxe!

Oliver; 6 weeks.....Awwwwww....