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~~HIGH DESERT SADDLERY ~~ Custom Saddles for Model Horses
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God's Country

On this page, we will share with you the unspoiled country we are lucky enough to appreciate from the backs of our horses. We'll take you from the vast valley floors to the ice-cold rushing creeks to the lush mountain meadows of the High Desert country of Nevada. Wildlife abounds with deer, elk, eagles, bobcat, and coyote. Nature provides us with everything from awesome displays of desert wildflowers to summer lightning shows to the dramatic sunsets...even an occaisonal summer snowstorm!  Wild Elderberries, Chokecherries, and Currant are abundant and ready to be preserved at the end of the summer.......our prayers are answered each and every morning as the gentle sunrise greets us....we are living and breathing every man's dream.....we are in God's Country.

Desert Sunset in Berry Creek Canyon

Wildflower Meadow

Old Mine Shack At Brennen

Wild Snapdragons

4-Point Mule Deer Buck with Doe

Bub and His First Elk Horn Find

Indian Paintbrush

View From 10,000 Ft. Elevation

Pair of Butterflies on Wildflowers

Ride In Upper Berry Creek Canyon

Rick and Bub With Shed Elk Horns

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Elderberries After a Summer Rain

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Sage Hen

Mijo at Sunset

Juniper Groundcover

Giant Ancient Juniper at 10,000 Ft.

Wildflowers at Timber Creek

Ride In Upper Berry Creek Canyon With Friend

This page is constantly under construction. Please bear with us as we upload the images to this page. We will always be adding more pics of the beautiful country we ride in and places we visit. Please keep checking back; there's tons of pictures to add!

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This US Forest Service cabin, barn, and workshop was built in 1933. It served as a Ranger/Guard Station for many years where it was manned by a Ranger fulltime. The last known year that the station was manned by a seasonal employee was back in the 1980's. After that, it had been only used to store USFS materials such as pipe, cattle guards, etc. Sadly, this beautiful little hideaway has been forgotten and neglected in recent years. Given it's rich history and importance, this Guard Station is eligible to be included on the National Registry of Historic Sites. It is my goal to restore the Station to it's former glory by beautifying the grounds, educating visitors, and most importantly; getting it the recognition it so deserves! My volunteer work includes maintenence, re-building fences, planting flowers, painting, fire watch, visitor information services, and providing emergency assistance to campers, hunters, and hikers. On my off-time, I enjoy riding my own 5 horses, gathering shed elk horns, fishing, hiking, photography, reading, dutch oven cooking, exploring old homesteads and mine sites, and oh, afternoon naps in the hammock. My summers up here give me some much-needed "head medicine" away from the computer, tv, work, traffic, and  the hassles of town life. Rick, Bub, and I enjoy our evenings on the porch watching the incredible sunsets, elk, and deer; listening to the coyotes yip, and best of all; sharing family time in the best place of all: God's Country.

I am saddened to report that our family no longer has the privilige of staying at the USFS cabin at Berry Creek. On my birthday, June 10, 2003, the USFS informed us that our volunteer services were no longer needed. According to them, there were now new plans for the historic cabin and grounds and that our help was not needed. Since that day in 2003, the cabin has stood empty, alone, and forgotten. The grounds that my family and I worked so hard to restore to it's former beauty is once again neglected; the grass yellow, flowers dead, trees overgrown, and fences rotting. Vandalism has once again become a problem, as well. It broke my heart to lose such a pristine, peaceful place to spend time in the summers. My family was equally saddened, as it was the perfect place to spend quality time together. We drive by often and have yet to see a soul around...only locked gates and a hauntingly empty cabin; a cabin that was once filled with love and laughter.

USFS Guard Station at Berry Creek

Guard Station Entrance

Bird's Eye View