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~~HIGH DESERT SADDLERY ~~ Custom Saddles for Model Horses
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Many Happy Customers..... 

OMG!!! I love this set!! It looks so awesome in

person. I also really love the beaded look on

the bridle and breastcollar! You've been a joy

to deal with! Thanks so much for this set!!

Again, Dawn, this set is great and I am

totally satisfied with it!! ~V.K~

It is beyond belief - totally

the crosses and the saddle pad is way cool!

The bridles are a work of art!! If that is

not enough praise, I bought another one of

your sets off I have 3 of your

saddle sets now!!! Thank you, thank you,

& thank you again!! ~S.M.~

Just wanted to let you know that the saddles did a FABULOUS job on that

roping saddle and accessories! I love them! ~S.G.~

Thank you so much; it is a great little saddle

and I love the way you trained the stirrups.

Just like a big saddle! I love it!!! ~S.M.~

I just LOVE your saddles!!! I had a chance to

see a set at a live show I went doubt

in my mind that you're off to a great start as

a tack maker!! ~D.H~

Oh, my gosh! I can't believe how nice this set

is! It is just so authentic! Your workmanship

is awesome...reminds me of our saddles from

the rodeo days! I have no regrets on the price

after seeing this set! ~A.M.~

The saddle just arrived! It's beautiful!!!

Thanks again; I love it!! ~B.F.~

Received my saddle today! It is quite handsome,

the care you took in packaging reinforced the

feeling of genuine care and work that you put

into your craft. If you are this good on your

very first saddle, you soon should be extremely

in demand! I am exceptionally proud to be your

first sale! ~S.S.~

Dawn, the western pleasure set you created for

me has done nothing but win, win, win! I have

lost track of how many NAN cards it has won

for me and my horses!!! Add me to your list

of very happy customers...I will be back for

more!! Thanks a million!! ~C.R.~

Unbelievable!! I have never seen more detail

in a model saddle! It's even better in person...

everyone asks me who made the set and how

they can get one too...I have passed out dozens

of your business cards. Thanks for making my

horses winners!! ~R.B~

WOW!! You made my saddle set EXACTLY how I

wanted!! It is so perfect I cannot believe

it. Such incredible detail that you would

think it was real...I cannot wait to show

it! Thanks so much, Dawn! ~T.S.~

Dawn, the barrel saddle and the western pleasure saddle have won or placed high every time out! You can see the other people roll their eyes when I set up my horses..they know they've been beat and I love it! I will keep them forever and keep winning too. ;^) I will send pics soon! Thanks so so much! ~B.P.~

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