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~~HIGH DESERT SADDLERY ~~ Custom Saddles for Model Horses
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Live Model Showing

Let me start by saying that I have only been to two live shows in my life; one in Reno, NV and one in Saratoga Springs, UT.  I am by far no expert in this area, as I usually only create saddles and tack for others who do know what they are doing in the model show pen. =) None-the-less, I  had a wonderful time seeing the other fabulous horses and tack...and most of all; making new friends. With that said, promise you won't laugh at my feeble attempts of live showing! Enjoy!

I would like to give credit to the incredible artists whose work is shown in these pics! I am the proud owner of these beautiful horses painted by Debra Kay, Lisa Bickford, Sheri Rhodes, Jennifer Miller, Jill Stevens, Terri Dewit, Deb Watkins, and John Vallejo. While all of the western tack was made by me, I would like to to recognize Susan Doolittle as the maker of the gorgeous english tack.

Moriah's Wildfire in Reining

Whiskey Fer A Buck in Western Pleasure

Whiskey Fer A Buck in English Pleasure

Clancy's Zill-E-On in English Jumping

Clancy in English Games ~ Hurry Scurry

Booger; Stable Fave, Harness, & Halter

Workmanship Class~Etched by Myself

Bi-Ass-4-Us ~ Winner of the Mascot Class

Silver Sage Vaquero ~ Halter & Western Games

ASBs ~ Collectibility & Halter

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Dreamboat Annie in Cutting

Goshute Joe in Western Gaming

Goshute Joe ~ Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Booger in Other Perf.~ Sunday Drive

Whiskey ~ Reserve Champ Western Performance!!

My CM Decorators

Badger~ Winner of the Ugliest Model Class!

Indian Creek in Appy/Paint Halter

Moriah's Wildfire ~ Halter & Reining

Whiskey Fer A Buck

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